Monday, July 26, 2010

name was bojangles and he danced for me...Charlotte...

The car stinks. It’s awesome. Jeremy and Colin I think have now become full time smokers. The air conditioning shot out 2 days back and we have developed a sincere fetish for the Bojangle’s Chicken & Biscuit Company. Strangest thing about this is we haven’t even tasted this highly regarded food chain’s chicken or biscuits. I am unsure if we as a collective even know a sole being that has, but they are everywhere in the great state of North Carolina! I wonder if the Shoney’s of Kentucky and the Bojangle’s of NC have family BBQ’s on Sunday to celebrate their state’s devotion towards food that doesn’t make consumers last for long.



Charlotte -like our beautiful river town- is called “the queen city”. Cincy skyline kicks its ass. We stay with my old friend J.R. who, lucky for us, has his fiancé out of town (I love you Sara and it would have been great to see you, but us five grizzly men would have startled you) so it is nice to not worry. Arriving at the Common Market is standard: butterflies in stomach, exuberance, anxious. New things are always exciting and this sandwich shop/bar/ convenience store is a rare bird that deserves the local love it receives. We begin to load in and are greeted by the booking agent known to man. Sara is small and cute and helpful tattooed and…is a fire dancer. How bad-to-the-bone is that! She is excited to see us and points us to the outdoor where we will be playing. The stage is made for midgets but we pull off the set up and grasp our handles and mouths towards our PBR tall boys. Mingling in this spot is easy and fancy-free. It is still early and the twinkle in people’s eyes showing the eagerness to get to fun that is to be had on this Saturday evening/night. Have I mentioned the weather? Hot! The hottest day so far this year in Charlotte!


Collin hands out buttons and really does a great job each and every moment he has been with us. So thankful we befriended this cat. 


The Harvest City goes on at 9 and we open up with “Silver Locket”. A song that has tick tocked around the clock with many different meanings throughout it’s lifetime and at this point in time it feels good not to over analyze things. Just feel. Don’t think and just feel. A line in the song I have always had so personal: “I will ring the bell from the highest red rock / if you’ll ever catch me when I’m standing”. By the end of the tune I look at the other three guys and the crowed that is smiling and still curious and staring and clapping. “I’m no longer falling on my ass all the time...” I think afterwards. “Only standing taller.” Music can save a life, ya know.


What a show. What a neat town. We are ever grateful.






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  1. Wow...our car & trailer really provided some good stories for this tour...Wheel, A/C, more wheels...yikes!