Friday, July 23, 2010

Flat Tires, Shoney's, Laughter, Knoxville

Day two of The Harvest City tour released wild men. All five of us - Tommy, Mark, Jeremy, Colin (our road assistant/go-to man), and myself – have officially become dirty ole’ men with dirty ole’ potty mouths. To go into detail would be too much for anyone to bare and I would have to place an “Explicit” sticker upon this blog. Let’s just be vague and say that our mothers (and now that I think of it, most of our friends) would not approve.

            “Our tire just popped.” Drummer Mark says casually. “Our fender is also gone.” I joke you not, mi amigos. Markie says this as if it actually wasn’t happening or if he were to be highly sedated on perks and snoss berries >(fictitious). Killer! Good thing that the fine folks of southern KY feel the need to put a Shoney’s Restaurant chain every 2 miles apart. With the abundance of Shoney demand, they wouldn’t put 5 of their star stud eateries directly next to each other. That would be stupid and bad business-like. Any who…we were lucky to have an exit to change our busted tired. Changed. Fun. Story to tell, etc. One avid Shoney consumer even informed us that it was Karma that brought us this misfortune: “Maybe if you boys weren’t playin’ that rap music, you wouldn’t be in this mess.” Thanks to you fine sir, for you tickle our bellies.


ONWARD! Tennessee!


Market Square in downtown Knoxville has changed a bit over the last five years when I was here watching Wilco at Tennessee Theatre. The streets are now packed with lunch goers, friendly day drinkers and street musicians.  I play acoustically for a few hours before the storm takes over and the 2nd coffee of the day making me cracker-jacked out of my mind….onward to our Black Mountain show tonight! TBC


Cheers. Hug and kiss someone today.



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