Thursday, July 22, 2010

Harvest City Tales of First Days

“Vegas Baby, Vegas”. These words from the classic flick “Swingers” come to mind as we cruise at an unshakeable 5mph crossing the Ohio River.  Outside, it is raining tricks and ponies and the once fatty bag of chocolate chip cookies are down to crumbs.

            Pure. Natural. Real. ALIVE! These are the feelings we have as we head towards our first gig on tour in Lexington, KY, but the excitement is pressed tightly due to the sickly weather and rush hour fender benders. No need to worry! F-that! People watching is fun. This stagnant highway is filled with “Guess Who” characters on this day! I think I caught the heavier set bearded man smoking a pipe and the majestic balding man with glasses, brown-baggin’ it.Goodbye Queen City! We shall miss you and sing to the South about your fresh renaissance.

What kind people live in Lexington.  The southern hospitality is lit up as the security guy greets us with sincerity, smiles and handshakes. EXAMPLE: I don’t know many door men that smile like reading rainbow kids, but this one is proud to have our little rock band on this night at Busters. Three bands are on the bill and Josh Eagle and The Harvest City plays in the two spot.  Killer set, great response. Onward for a whiskey, a wine and warm bed to sleep in (it’s good to know kind, hospitable people).

We awake at 8a.m. so that we can get to Knoxville, TN for a lunchtime acoustic show. We are like giddy loudmouths kids eating banana breakfasts and famous Kris Becknell zucchini bread as the teasing of my freshly trimmed moustage chimes on.


 All is great fun.

The car smells like it should and the music sounds so good! Sorry about the ramble, friends!

See you all tomorrow!



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  1. Sounds great! A little jealous, but inspired, too, by your hard work, passion, and heartfelt words. Always love reading those words. You should be a writer or somethin'....oh, wait... Have fun on the rest of the tour and make sure to write about it!
    Hugs from the Queen City who misses you and your music!