Saturday, July 24, 2010

Peanut Butter Fairy...New Friends...Town Pump

Asheville, North Carolina is tough to leave. Blue Ridge Mountains how could we live without thee?! It reminds me of San Francisco but much cleaner, no golden gate but golden What are these happy pills that people ‘round here take? I must know. Everyone is “quite a guy” or “what a gal” and falling into a ravishing love with these gregarious people and their finely tuned city is an every moment happening. A shout out to our friends Lisa and Jamie for letting The Harvest City raid your humble home!


The show at The Town Pump Tavern (this is actually just east of Asheville) was the best yet! Dancing bears, olde cincy friends, local organic beers, slip and slide invitations (yellow plastic on black-top with no water mixes like oil and water) we played for hours laughing our faces numb and rolling through our set with comfortable confidence. After our set I went outside to mingle and meet. “Is that Chuck Berry on stage?” someone asked me. “Sure sounds like ‘Johnny B Good’, to me.” I responded with no surprise at all. Tommy had taken the spirit of rock and roll to new heights with the epic crowed pleaser. I watched with my fist pumping into the air, proud and elated with the surprise tune. I stood as a spectator watching my 3 fellow band mates and thinking to myself of how blessed I was to have found such a talented group of guys. What great friends to share a uniform devout passion with. We shall return Black Mountain! We keep you in a heart-shaped box Town Pump Tavern and will be back with new songs and stronger, withered hands.


On Friday, Josh Eagle and The Harvest City had the day /night off…. or so we thought! In our attempt to find flowing waterfalls and liquid holes to cool off in, we lost our way into the sticks. Being lost is With all riders remaining calm and patient, we eased our way into Warren Wilson College and by shear luck….a fairy…Green dust bursting from her peanut butter Jar…a smile of a saint. She give us directions to the trail and watering hole where we ran into a beautiful Utah Green and her violin player/comrade AnnaBelle.      “A HOY!....Anything exciting happening today?” I asked “Music tonight….we play ‘bout 30 minutes from here in Madison County.” … “Neat. Do you need an opener? No preasure… we are not creepy dudes…” Later that evening I was doing a solo thing in Madison County. The Bridges are nice. The air is cool in the nighttimes.

Onward to Charlotte! 

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