Friday, July 9, 2010

Running With The Bulls, Broken Ribs and Annie Hall

I think last night was Josh Eagle and The Harvest City's greatest show. Seriously, no doubt in my tiny, yet spongy brain. An audience can certainly make or break a show for the band. What a glorious exchange! It was hot and sweaty, loud, stinky, lights dimmed just right...A sense of courage was handed out to us from that audience. Jeremy was playing injured with a displaced rib and for a moment we strongly considered the idea of him sitting down for the sets entirety. No no! Once that room filled up and we struck the first notes, it was clear that there would be no sitting. Adrenaline is paramount. There is no fighting it even if it induces excruciating pain and delivers bloody tears to a man's eyes. I love adrenaline so much that I think I actually LERVE it. Yup, I feel so strongly about this I actually tremble when saying the word to make it become a new one. Now, that I think about this, I believe I've stolen this from Woody Allen in "Annie Hall". I would "Lerve"  Diane Keaton too, especially during that time spent next to the Brooklyn Bridge (Cincinnati connect/fact: the majestic Roebling Bridge we are blessed with was built by the same man, John Roebling). I think I have gotten off track here. Cheers to my beautiful minded good friend, and untouchable talented guitar player, Jeremy Smart. He runs with bulls. 

Josh Eagle and The Harvest City will not return to the Cincy stages for a while. Last night at Mayday was our last show as a full band until Sept. 17th at Northside Tavern. On this night we are lucky to be playing alongside a two stellar acts: The Hiders, (my favorite local band), and Scotty Anderson and his crew (Cincy guitar legend).  Fuck yeah for the Cincy music scene! It is like a wild dog right now. What now Austin? What now Minneapolis? Nashville can suck a....nevermind. Sorry, I just can't get over the overwhelming musicianship in this town.

So we are off. On the road headed South through KY, TN, N.C. and later on IN...
We will keep things posted here so stay tuned! 

Smooth high fives to 89.7 WNKU. Those cats have been spinning our disc a friendly amount. This to me is the only local radio station that one should ever listen to. They are the epitome of Fuck-Off Clear Channel and if that isn't cool enough for you then I am flabbergasted and confused by your coolness judgement. 

So it goes. So I ramble. 
Peace to you. Listen to Warren Zevon.  and almost more importantly, listen to yourself and be patient and diligent with whatever is going on in your world. 


    Josh Eagle and The Harvest City

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