Thursday, June 10, 2010

CD Release. Babbas. Ants. Becknell.

Holy Hell...


I just looked at the date of our last post and said to myself "holy hell, josh! write something. it is what you do...tell the people something......" We have lots and lots of something to spill...


Things with this band could not be better. On May 2nd 2010 Josh Eagle and The Harvest City released SHOW YOUR TEETH, a record of 12 songs written, record, mix and master by us four. We hope you listen for LONGTIME.


The cancer society gig that shortly followed at Baba Buddan's was special... I believe they raised 800 bones or so. Fuck cancer and its demon trickery snicker. "Where They Landed" played a set following us that made the folks dance dance dance....Peanut Butter Solution opened the show with their unique sensible tunes that at times, reminded me of Johnathan Demme's film "Stop Making Sense"....funny how that works must have been 'solution's' lead singer's suit and his jivin' brain-to-bone-to- muscle wiggle. 

 We are doing a weeklong tour once July comes around. Lexington, Asheville,  Charlotte, Raleigh, Louisville...and some minnie stops as often as we can to play in parks, play for kids, play in record stores, and on and on and on. Gotta keep on movin' like groups of ants with work to do!!! SIDENOTE: ants just conquered my coffee that was sitting decadently on the pretty grass next to my stoney fire hole. No more coffee for Josh and no more life for ants...o well...they died high as kites! An overdose of caffeine before the drowning, I am sure of it...real horror show more on my side, for I am out of my favorite Joe! 

New songs keep a comin'.

 Writers block is spoken of as a deep and dark pain of the ass, but does it actually exist? Is it an excuse us pen and paper addicts use to just fall back on when we are being lazy artist, physically and mentally stagnant(They go together, ya know). Or, are we just more creative sometimes more than others, for no reason what so hellfuckever? Creative Portals open wide which mean they - as all things do- have a counterpart that slams shut..Just go get it. Hop in and tell yourself "You are a writer and writer's block is not real."TANGENT #2 CLOSED

Mark Becknell is the drummer for Josh Eagle and The Harvest City. He likes motorcycles, dark microbeer, Dan from all over, spicy burritos, teaching Josh Eagle how music works scientifically, and writing songs that simplify our over-the-top, busy days. 

PEACE and Grow a bunch of food.