Friday, June 1, 2012


            I think this is the 9th time I have attempted to compose the WAY overdue Harvest City blog! Pretty sure I began the others (from 5-now) the same way. Josh Eagle and The Harvest City is a band that is making their 3rd record. We do not know what it is yet to be called, but we have some ideas: some sentimental, some haha, some have not yet manifested…So for now we will simply call it #3. We are working a little more experimental, it seems (my dog, Gonzo, is doing the same apparently, as he recently ate one of the farmhouse chickens. That’s another story for another day!). Yes yes, we have made use of our new baby grand piano, mandolin, trash cans, banjo (once it is fixed… another studio massacre.) Leaving things wide open is important and I think very difficult to do for a lot of musicians and people in general…Our JEHC goal=  hearts beating together, our moments are to be lived in, our big egos are not aloud to exist in any way shape or form. Shit on big ego! And this works for us as we go on a musical ride. It is fun and we all dream of this to be full time so soon :)

We had a bundle of songs on the last record used for a TV show called The Voice and a few MTV spots (something about being 16 and prego) there’s that.

Show shows shows!  Fountain square (Cincy), Chicago, Sleepy Creek Vineyards (Illinois), and most soon to be… we’ll be opening for POMEGRANATES Album Release at Madison Theatre. If you do not know these overly talented, kind, exuberant, musical cats then you soon will. The show is June 9th and the weather predicts awesome with a chance of orgasmic. What great new technology.

‘Til we meet again,

Josh Eagle and The Harvest City