Monday, September 20, 2010

Go Listen...T-shirts....Campfires breathing


The weather is calming down. Don't you love those night where you need a campfire to keep warm. The calmness then the crackling, the work for your warmth and then the wood in turn working for have fulfilled the lumber's destiny in a way. The aroma of your hooded sweatshirt the next day: smokey (of course), rustic and damn near countrified! All of this is an unspoken conversation with nature. Autumn is a brilliant fucking season.

Thank you to those who came out to the shows this past weekend. Friday night at The Northside Tavern 'twas very special to us as we were bless to play with two of our favorite local acts. Scotty Anderson & The Lucky Stars and The Hiders...know that we hold you in great reverence and are proud to be devoted fans/musical comrades.

We've decided to begin recording our follow up record in November. It was quite the run around to schedule the date with Bengal's season and job and traveling and all the crap that we have to take care of in order to be comfy. 

Who wants shirts! We have shirts. They say "Josh Eagle and The Harvest City" (go figure) and then there is grain, or grass...or grain grass...Why would someone harvest grass?  Beats the hell out of me but the shirts are awesome and they are for you! Buy one for Uncle Buck. Early Christmas gift for the kids? Let's not forget that Hanukkah has 8 wild days/nights! That's a lot of gifting. These shirts are not edible but they are Kosher as Rabi Sorvo blessed them himself... he also plays a mean bass guitar. P.S. Thanks to Brendan Male for making these shirts a possibility!

In other news we are booking a spring tour as of now to visit new southern spots as well as hit up some previous friendly, hospitable rangers and slingers . If you know of some great townie bars and pubs to play in, please let us know. They are always the gems! 

Looking forward to The Clifton Heights Music Festival Oct 1-2....we'll be in the 12p.m. slot @ Murphy's (where one could listen, dance, meet a one night stand, buy a Kosher t-shirt and have a good 'ole time). 

Go to midpoint. There is so much good music at this fest and Cincy is truly lucky to have something this bodacious. TomTom Club? Caribou? Are you fucking Joking! Go get money and go. 


Josh Eagle and The Harvest City 

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