Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jackie Frost, G-Unit, New Album

What a day to be had when our sky glows different at sunset. Sure, lots of sunsets have been handed to us at the end of our days, but none are identical. None speak the same language or even toss around the same sky jargon. 

Jackie Frost is here and certainly standing much taller than she has in previous years. The cold crumbles my bones to the point of not wanting to go out of my house (not even to enjoy a delicious cigarette, which makes me even more crabby-assed). Where's jovial Josh? Where is the outlaw spirit? Is it my age creeping deeper into snowbirdism? I have no fireplace and these ears on my head are alway ringing. Jumping into a soothing hot bath filled with 3 different woman of all ages is sometimes all I can think about. The age diversity is to ensure good, hearty story telling and also to develop sexually into something not even Tony Danza has looked in the eye.

i have been drinking large amounts of nightquil the past few days. mustn't worry mom, it's not to just get high -even though that is a plus- but to fight off this satanic sickness that has grown into my nemesis. It's weird to have your enemy so close to you at all times. My weapons of choice are the G3 Bash Brothers and their Dr Sidekick: Garlic, Ginger, Green Tea, keep the feet warm/smile risen...Dr. Gonzo. 

Sad to see that Bughouse Video in my neighborhood is closing down. I hear netflix is an awesome deal and unbeatable this and that, but right now F-off Netflix! Bughouse moved into Northside right about the same time I did in 2004-5ish and was my cozy spot for rentals of obscurity. Bughouse introduced me to the films of Woody Allen and Robert Altman. I wanna say that I first picked up DEER HUNTER at Bughouse (I was screwed up for a while after that one!) I must admit those freebee scratched ups I would at times gather at the library due to pocketbook casualties. When the dough was their it was dinner and a movie night at my apartment above sidewinder: Bughouse and Melt's Nacho's (kudos to DJDQ for introductions) ...So as I walked into Bughouse to find out the horrid news I decided to purchase there copies of A FISH CALLED WANDA and MAN ON THE MOON

Shit man! This is a music blog...get to it you fool

The Harvest City a greatful for all the local and regional support we have been given as of late. we recently were featured on Cincy NPR station 91.7 talking about the record and this and that. sometime soon 89.7 will be showcasing us a morning show interview. Stay tuned! I promise I will try to say something smart and wild and witty. We all like to be tickled in that pants, no?

Our new record is underway. We have many songs to pick from. Some may be surprising to us on how the actually turn out. Who knows, maybe we'll be asked to be part of White Snakes reunion tour. Or David Hasslhoffs Munich, Germany stadium sellouts. Or Maybe that Chinese Democracy Tour will finally come to the People Republic of China and The Harvest City can be asked to leave not for our belief in Democracy but because Axl required all of us to have dreads.
Wow...our record will not sound like that. I promise. :)

Next show is one week before Christmas, Dec 18th @ Northside Tavern w/ The Cliftones and The Hiders.


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