Sunday, March 14, 2010


A lot of time has passed since we last played at Mac's Pizza Pub and to be honest, I was a little wary about the Saturday night gig. If you don't know Mac's, it is the sort of place where fresh 21's and horny drunkards of all types like to sometimes find too much of a good time. Attractive young men and women heavily curious about there fragile bodies and limits of intoxication that gift no boundaries. I've been in that zone before (I am a mere 25, so it wasn't many moons ago) and it was fun while it endured, so I mustn't knock the lifestyle or the venue... 
Last time we had played music in this college bar was a year or so ago. A time in which I had not been as sober minded as I am now, Mark (drums) was not married yet to his beautiful wife, Jeremy(guitar) had yet to have his daughter Lila, and Tommy ....hmmm...hmmm...ummm..... Tommy still plays a wicked fucking bass line. Our hearts and minds have shaped up a bit, I'd say, and going back to macs  ( which now that I think of it was our first gig together as a band), surprised me so. ----What energy! What a conundrum of Calamity Janes and Wild Bills! Say what you want! Do what you do! Come one come all, for all are welcome! Why is it that we have to be so calmly quiet and reserved now that we are adults? This night was perfect for our folkie rocker souls. 

Dusty Bryant opened the show for us with his bourbon rasp vocals and very Joni Mitchell curious guitar tunings and playing. What a strong few sets he played... We salute you Dusty boy! 

Seeing old friends is always delicious and no matter how much we change as a band, we can never forget where it is we came from. Mac's is where our foundation is and our roots are never to be forgotten~CHEERS mate

*I fell in love 3 separate times. 
*A dashing fresh 40yr old showed the bar her full left breast 
*Debuted an original tune Swell Stereo as well as Neil Young's Cortez the Killer and Gram Parson's A Song to You
* We all got to be together 

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