Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Album release...New Songs (HOLY SHIT!)..ramblings eh!

Most people yearn for Friday night like it is a lost lover; dead for a 6 days yet we know it will rise again to save us from the pain of the previous 4 days of daily grind or whatever most folks despise about days where they can't have hangovers. Friday, is most 9-5er's weekly addiction. However for this lonesome dog, I howl for Mondays. My three best friends and I get to make beautiful noise. Noise that is eventually publicly played for people who enjoy a good noise (we hope it is similar to Woody Allen's Orgasmatron). 
On every Monday night at drummer Marks humble home in Mariemont, "The Harvest City" and I do what we feel were put on this-here-earth to do: create the most simple/heartfelt/ charismatic ambient, folkish rockish music possible. How the songs usually come together is pretty simple.   I bring in bundles of unorganized pieces of music...scribbled napkins, yellow paper, white paper, cardboard etc. I do have 3 journal/poetry books that I purchased, thinking that this  would help my jumbled methods, however they end up being lost (gently misplaced) most of the time.  For me, the songs are never finished until we as a band have hacked away upon them to the point of limbs falling off. And until those song are  recorded on machine, ready to be heard, it is possible that they are a work in progress. Songs can change so much over time if you continue to play them (avid Bobby Dylan fans know this all to well). Not only do people need to be in the constant state of becoming, but songs do just as much.

Josh Eagle and The Harvest City have a new Album coming out in April. It is called Show Your Teeth ( I originally thought this sounded like a bad Rolling Stones record of the 80's, but soon came to realize that the previous given name -3 Seasons Grace- sounded much like a milk and cookies/fireside/slippers record...This album is not like that at all. It has its sensitive and twee moments but this is a patient rock record. 

Fuck Man~! This is exciting for us and we cannot wait to share it with you. The party will take place at The Redmoore (old cinema grill) in Mt Lookout. Not sure the official date as of yet, but it will be on a community will be a you are a part of this and bring a dish you shall get the CD for very cheap because we love you.

 Anywho....this past monday was astronomical for us four (mark,tommy,jeremy & I). As a band we hashed out over wine and beer and rum on ice, the making of a future album. 2 new songs that are, as I said before, in this state of becoming (but have grow up fast!) Here are the lyrics to a tune I started on Highway 1 in California (just near Big Sur) and lyrically finished here in my  kitchen weeks later.

Most Possible Dream

I make my way on down the trolly line
for I ain't got much time/I ain't go much time

I make my way on down the road 
across the pacific is where I go 
where the bird flys high but the sheep are low
the sheep are low, i leave them at home

down through the delta where the blues are played
a mississippi queen stole my blues away
though jackson smelled of the sweetest pie
so did the road as i said good bye

uh huh...share share...uh huh share share

Mother Mother Mother
Somtimes these people scare me
Cause Everywhere that I go
You sing Glory Glory Glory

Near Salsalito I made love to you
but not with my body, with my mind instead
for you were makin' your way on down the line
it was death to be certain you aint got much time

Around came the jester with his curly hair
he told me a joke as I said him a prayer
never talking to god but to a redwood tree
would you take him in? for this man is with me

And so I run through the dessert in the pouring rain
feeling the freedom of the pouring rain
you ask a man why he lives this way
for there's a clock that ticks that laughs the days away

uh huh share share...uh huh share share

Darlin' darlin' darlin'
sometime these people scare me
cause everywhere that I go
there's a golden sunrise morning
father father father
look at where i am now
everything that I do
it's only cause you showed me how


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